2015 Lenten Devotional

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Great Feast of Lent, which begins today, Sunday, February 15, marks the observance of a 50 day fast and liturgical season that concludes with the celebration of Easter Sunday.  From the very inception of the Christian Church itself, it has been a season of spiritual preparation and personal dedication through repentance and fasting.  Generation after generation has grown deeper in their faith and witness through the observance of the Lenten season.

It is also an occasion when the whole Christian Church throughout the world joins together in prayer.  I pray the true observance of this Lenten season would inspire a great spiritual revival in the Church, parish and larger society as we earnestly join in fasting and prayer.  Let us not consider it a ritual or even a tradition but, a trumpet call for spiritual awakening and revolution in our personal lives and in the world.

This year our Edavaka Mission will be forwarding special devotionals for each day of the Lenten season, entitled “Walking With God – A Family Meditation” authored by our own IMTC,VA families.  These devotionals are the creative spiritual meditations of our families.  Take a few minutes each day, perhaps during your family prayer time, to meditate on these devotionals together.  In this way, may we all be a blessing to each other this Lent.

I thank our Parish Mission for this wonderful initiative and all our families who will graciously bless us with their Biblical devotions.  May the Lord bless us to grow in Him more this season.  Respond to the call this year and make the commitment to properly observe the fast during this the Great Feast of Lent!


Prayers and Love,

Jaisen Achen


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